"Baseline Tool provides high quality mold and die production tooling."
Baseline Tool Co. Inc., incorporated in 1987, started business by repairing and revising existing molding equipment. Most of this repair work was not scheduled, requiring quick turn around times. Baseline Tool became very responsive to its customers to help them maintain their production up-time. Baseline understands the importance of time in the tooling up process of a new product or the repairing of existing tooling. This understanding has allowed us to grow from a two man shop, with 1536 square feet, into an increasingly automated facility with over twenty five employees in a 9500 square foot air conditioned facility. Baseline Tool develops good lines of communication with both its customers and vendors to meet the necessary deliveries. It's is equipped with the latest technology to produce milled 3D contoured patterns, molds and dies. Using the latest equipment and the most experienced staff  in the mold making industry as our foundation, has kept Baseline Tool Company going strong since 1987.