• Baseline Tool straight or contour machines parts up to 50 x 146 x 60 inches and weighing up to 22,000 pounds.
  • Baseline Tool models your parts conventionally in wood and plastic, or electronically using VISICAD, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD. 
  • Baseline Tool accepts electronic models in nearly any format and generates accurate CNC machined tooling from this data.
  • Baseline Tool's CAD-CAM/CNC computer network allows continuous file feeding to our CNC machines, producing excellent part accuracy and finish.
  • Baseline Tool's various manual machines back up our CNC equipment to produce most forms that your tooling requires.
  • Baseline Tool's multi spindle, servo controlled tracing mills, with up to ten spindles on one machine, produce your identical tooling at a very competitive price.
Baseline Tool delivers complete tooling assemblies which include patterns mounted in dedicated stools, coreboxes fully rigged with ejection, blow, and tamp tooling, ready for production.
Provided with customer standards, Baseline Tool adheres to the specifications of our customers. When questions arise, we communicate with our customers to clarify the questions and produce the intended results.
Baseline Tool produces tooling from a variety of materials from class 40 Meehanite iron, tool steels , aluminum, stainless, and silicon bronze to specialized tooling plastics. Our machining experience in these materials allow our customers the confidence that we will accurately produce their tooling in the desired material. This gives them the greatest flexibility to specify the proper material for the job, and balance between tool life and production run.
Each piece of tooling is measured and inspected throughout the manufacturing process. Each mold is hand polished and finished, insuring every detail is addressed, is according to print, and is of the highest quality attainable.

If you are interested in our quality and commitment for your production equipment, you can reach us at:
(260) 761-4932 PHONE
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Equipment List Available Upon Request